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what to wear

where to go

What do we wear?

THAT is the question

Most every session I book begs the question from my client, what should we wear?

My best advice is to pick a color group.  Earth tones, blues, black and white/cream, even jewel tones.  My style of photography does well with BOLD color, so you'll do well to diversify everyone in your group.

Try to avoid matching everyone in the same never all matches perfectly and many tones don't mix well.  My idea of white and your idea of white may differ, and white and cream don't blend.

Avoid that pull to match the kids in the same outfits.  This is their chance to be themselves, wear what they love and feel comfortable in so they stand out!

LADIES!  Wear a fun dress, go over the top! Layers are your friend and nothing is ever 'too much.'

Where do we go?

well that depends...

Deciding on the location for your session depends on a few factors:

  • size of your group

  • ages in your group

  • time of day

  • desired outcome

If you have a large group, it might be ideal to keep it local!  If you are renting a cabin, maybe the gravel road and wooded lot will be perfect!  If you have young children, that fast moving river and slippery rocks is too dangerous.  Seasons changing make each location unique at different times of the year.  While a winery is perfect in the summer, it's not ideal in spring.  Mountain views are a perfect backdrop, but are usually best at sunset when the sun won't wash them out.


or other in-home family sessions

Newborns are a unique photo session that can take place within your own home, or within my rental studio space.  I take bright, simple, and sweet family oriented photos.  Mom and dad should plan to be involved, and this is the only time you'll here me say to wear ZERO color.  White, black, and grey (maybe some pink) are best for these photos.

Other in-home sessions can be a great opportunity to capture relaxed and personal images where kids can feel free to be themselves and explore their own space.  Don't neglect your front porch, yard, or even the bathtub!

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