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Indiana Wedding Photographer?

It's often a question that I bring up, because so many people calling me to inquire about wedding photography are getting my name as a direct referral.

Between the amazing venues, past clients, and other photographers that refer people to me, newcomers often either don't even know or just wonder WHY I am still working in Indiana.

I started my business in Indiana 12 (eeek!) years ago and I built up a fantastic list of clients that I so loved working with over and over again. When I moved, I realized that many of those clients would need a photographer when I couldn't be there, but I still wanted to offer the option whenever possible.

Enter>>> wedding weekends.

Most weddings take place on a Saturday, and lucky for me, I am self employed and have the flexibility to drive whenever, wherever. So these weekends start for me, usually on Friday morning when I load up from Georgia, drive a few hours north to Kentuckiana (Indiucky) and start photo sessions. Between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning, I can typically squeeze 2-3 sessions around the actual wedding coverage itself. So all this to say, wedding bookings allow me to travel more often, and have it make financial sense without passing a big fee to my clients.

I love working with familiar faces that I've known for years and years and seeing their families grow, so if that means travel is involved...I'm okay with that!

So yes, I'm out of town a LOT. I'm in your town a lot. I'm all over the place and I like it that way. The scenery changes often, and I never get bored.


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