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Wedding Photographer | Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Indiana + beyond

As a traveling photographer, I get to see and work in a lot of venues. I'm actually a preferred vendor at venues in a few different states because I move around so much!

With over 10 years of experience, I bring a unique service to my brides. Photos of their day, sure. An engagement session, yeah that too. But the unique service I bring is a combination of timeless quality and start to finish involvement.

It's often overwhelming to plan a wedding and answer all of the questions. Most 20-30somethings have never planned a large party, much less a full wedding. What food do I serve, do I need a bar, what kind of music or DJ, how many hours do I need the venue, WHAT venue?

It's a lot.

While I can't help plan everything (and I HIGHLY suggest having at least a day of coordinator if not a full on wedding planner), I do help my brides with their schedules and thinking through the overall timeline of the day. So often when I meet with a potential client, I ask when the ceremony is planned for and they either have no idea yet, or are planning on a 6pm ceremony in November. It's my job to recognize potential issues in the schedule and ensure that my brides get every image of their day that they want, and if you don't know, a ceremony at 6pm in November means it's probably pitch dark outside when it's over and that beautiful field that you loved at the venue, is un-usable for portraits.

Helping to create an itinerary with enough time to both get all the photos you want, AND allow for you to relax and just soak up and enjoy your day is SO important to me. Rushing from ceremony to family photos to bridal party to reception and cake and dances doesn't make for a day to makes for a bride that is stressed and now spending her day just checking boxes.

My goal is for that to never happen. If there is an hour of downtime where I have time to photograph candids and details and maybe even take a potty break, it's an ideal day!

At the end of the day, pushing vendors and/or family to stick to a schedule is hard, but I'd rather it be me than my bride. Your makeup and prep process is important. Your candid fun moment is important. The way your husband smiled at you, should be preserved. That gorgeous last moment of daylight...gotta have it. Your wedding gift to your fiance - capture it; and those glamorous lashes and perfect dress....make sure those are in there too. Every moment should be captured, and it should be captured without you even needing to think about it.

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