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Bringing your goodest boy (dogs in sessions)

So if almost 40% of households have a dog, why am I not getting to meet one at 40% of my photo sessions?

Bringing your pet to a photo session probably sounds like a hassle. As an owner of two WILD Boston Terriers, I get it.

'But what if they get our outfits dirty.' 'They'll get in the way.'

Well I'm here to tell you....bring them anyways.

Dogs, (or any pets) for that matter, bring a new element of surprise and joy to everyone involved in the session. I've seen 14 year old angsty teenagers melt into smiling bowls of mush when their favorite pet friend appears in the group photo.

When sessions with two people get through the basic poses, the standard list of 'what do I do with my hands,' a pet can bring a totally different element to your images.

Your pet is a part of your family, and unfortunately, it's often for too short a time. We love our animals and form tight bonds with them, so they should be included in your images.

So if you already have a session booked, or if you are thinking about booking one, plan to include the family fur or feather or scale babies too. After all, your family portraits show your personalities and stage of life where you are now.

So bring the goodest boy, the fluffiest girl, the chicken with the most attitude, the horse that wants to be in every shot, and please....someone bring a lizard.



(Clearly, an animal person)

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