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Newborn Lifestyle Sessions

As a photographer, I am often asked what type of photography I do. My answer - a lot of things! I work with families, weddings, children, seniors, and sometimes, even newborns.

When you think of newborn photo sessions, what most likely comes to mind is pictures of babies curled into tiny baskets or beds or flowers, hand propped up on hands, and a seamless perfectly faded backdrop of whitewashed wood. If thats what you want, it is beautiful, and it's not what I do.

My take on newborns is not unlike my take on any other session. I do real and relaxed. I do emotional. I don't have a studio, and 'creating' that type of space in other people's homes is very complex and difficult and expensive, and just really doesn't interest me creatively.

My focus on newborns involves the family that loves them and brought them earthside. Babies in their natural habitat are more relaxed and I want to capture those moments that are so incredibly fleeting. Every mom remembers that first nursery (or second or third or that corner in their bedroom) and how it felt in the late and early hours to rock your baby as the sun rose or set on the day.

Babies are only newborns for a few weeks, and sessions are best done within the first 14 days of life. You are probably tired, you are still figuring out a schedule, but you are still riding that HIGH of a new life. There is a quiet peace that overrides all the stress that motherhood brings. I want to capture THAT.

Simplicity and neutrals are king for these sessions and while I encourage a cute outfit or hat, more often than not a simple white or neutral onesie does the trick.

Momma should be ready to be in the photos, because this is when baby is naturally happiest in your arms. It's all they know and that bond is an amazing moment to freeze in time.

Siblings are integral to sessions as well. Brother and/or sister are often super excited about their new family member and just want to be included in photos together. Outfits are more important in these sessions than in most because we are working in small indoor spaces with a lot of detail. This is usually the only place where I instruct my clients to go neutral, bright, and as overly simple as possible. White, beige, and grey. Thats about it.

Overall, your newborn session with RLP should be relaxed and fun. Your newborn will sense any and all stress that you have, so it may even be best for you to step out and take a breathe while I work with baby 1-on-1. So enjoy your session in the comfort of your own home, you can even just wear pajamas! (even if they are bright red, lol)

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