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What do we wear?

What do we wear for our photo session?

If I had a dollar for every time I helped answer that question...I'd have a dollar extra for almost every single photo session I ever booked.

What you wear for your photos can truly make or break the outcome, so it's a totally valid question. Your outfit can affect the skin-tones, the reflected light, the overall feel, the mood, the comfort level etc.

This is never a one-size fits all answer, but there are a few tips that I like to give for sessions booked with me. These are tailored to my own photography style, so take them with a grain of salt if you are working with someone else and definitely ask for personalized tips!

  • Don't dress everyone in the same color. You aren't zebras and don't need to blend together. Let everyone pick their own outfit that looks good on them. This also creates more visual interest in your resulting images.

  • Don't wear red, bright yellow, bright orange, anything that could be considered 'neon.' When you stand back 20 feet from an image...neon colors JUMP out to the eye. Unless you want one person standing out beyond everyone else, it's best to avoid it. Bright loud colors are also incredibly reflective on skin tones. Just avoid it.

  • Logos. Your logo'd shirt is great, but leave it in the closet. From afar small logos may seem like no big deal, but that moment where you little boy hugs up against your chest and smiles big right at the camera...well now that logo is about the same size as his smile, and that's no fun. Avoid graphics, words, and logos on clothing as much as possible.

  • Dress for the season! If our session is in July, please don't show up with everyone in long sleeved shirts and boots. Likewise, if we are shooting for January, short sleeved dresses are probably not a safe bet either. For most seasons, planning in layers is a great idea. Forecasts fluctuate and the best photos result from happy comfortable people. Plan light jackets or shorter options so you aren't caught off-guard with weather.

Last but NOT least....

  • Pick a color scheme for your outfits. The color wheel can help with this! [opposing sides compliment each other] Blue tones can be mixed up and all still look good, but mixed up reds don't go.

Patterns are ALWAYS good to toss in, and mixing them is actually okay too! Mom in a floral dress and dad in a complimentary plaid looks great! Keep your location in mind as well. If you are doing photos in the woods, don't wear a lot of white. Green foliage bounces off white! If you are going to be in field of tall grass, create more visual interest and texture with a lot of deep saturated color.

The main point of all of this is that you probably have more freedom with outfits than you think. Your photographer will have customized tips and probably examples to share with you as you plan your session as well. Ask questions, and don't be afraid to ask for input. Trust me, your photographer wants you in awesome outfits too.


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